1. How to I plant a crop?
  • - Tap on the field cube on the farm. Drag crops into the circle onto your field cube then wait until they are ready to be harvested!
2. How to upgrade the Barn?
  • - You’ll need various goods from around your farm to upgrade the Barn.
  • - You can find Wood into Bush and Stump, Iron Ore into Aqua Meteorite and Shard into Block and Gold Mine
3. Where can I buy animals, crops, trees, and decorations?
  • - All of these goods are available for purchase in the Shop.
  • - Tap on the Shop button in the bottom left corner of the screen to visit it.
4. What are Factory and Forge for?
  • - Factories let you take the cubes from the shards you find on your farm and Sky-Shard.
  • - Forge let you take the Pickaxe from the ores.
5. How to mining on the Sky Shard?
  • - Let you reach to level 9 and complete quest “Make a path to the Sky-Shard”. Then you will find the pickaxe on the Ember Meteorite. The learning how to mining follow tutorial ingame.
6. How to complete a quest?
  • - The quest have 2 main part Description and Task. Let you perform follow the task. If you didn’t know how to perform the task, tap on the “Do it!” button for instruction.


1. I didn’t receive purchased currency on my mobile device?
  • - If you purchased and didn’t receive your credits, please note that it may take up to 2 hours to arrive in your game.
  • - However, we highly recommend you to first check if you received credits by refreshing your game!
  • - iOS Device:
    • . Press your HOME button twice
    • . All your open apps will be displayed. You can swipe to see each of them.
    • . Swipe the app you wish to close upward. That’s it
    • . Now reopen the application and check if you received you credits
  • - Android Device:
    • NOTE: Instructions may vary depending on what Android you have
    • . Go to “Setting”
    • . Select “Applications”
    • . Tap on “Manage Application”
    • . Choose the appropriate app to “Force stop”
    • . Go back into game app
2. What forms of payment can I use to purchase virtual goods?
  • - We accept Visa. Mastercard, American Express and Paypal
3. How do I access my payment history on Android?
  • - When you purchase credits for your game, there is a track of your purchases easily available. Google Wallet records the dates and times of your Google Play Store purchases.
  • - To view your Google Play Store purchases, please follow the steps below:
    • . Access your Google Wallet account. Remember to use the same Google account that you used for your purchases.
    • . Under the section labeled Transactions, you will find all your listed purchases.
    • . For more details on how to manage your payment information, click here.
    • . Should you need more assistance, you may contact Google Play Help Center here.
4. How do I clear my payment information and Android?
  • - Please find steps below on how to delete the current credit card information on your account:
    • . Access Google Wallet
    • . Sign in to your Google account if requested by the site
    • . Select “Payment Methods” on the left side of the page
    • . Any linked credit cards to your Google account will appear
    • . Select “Remove”
  • - For more details on how to manage your payment information, click here. If your issue persists, you may contact Google Play Help Center here.
5. Playing on more than on Device?
  • - Use your Phone while on the go and your Tablet at home?
  • - We know that playing Pet Farm on multiple devices is Fun!
  • - To make your experience the best possible please follow these tips from our Team:
    • . Before completing your session in Pet Farm, ensure your newest Progress is saved and can be synced to any other device you want to visit your Farm from.
    • . When starting game, on a secondary device, your Progress and your Purchases are synced with your Farm form the other device by selecting the Farm with the newest Progress (Saved in Cloud):


1. How to collect diamond from harvest?
  • - While playing game, user can find the diamond from harvest with low rate. If you want a chance to drop diamond, you need harvest the crops as quick as possible.
  • - Keep in mind, the diamond is only dropped if you harvested from 6 crops in once.
2. How to reach the quest?
  • - The quest appear at the relate object, Jack need go to there to pick a quest. Sometime, you will get a note “Jack needs path to move here!” Don’t worry! You need put one or some cube to make a path.
  • - Keep in mind, Jack always need a path to move from his stand to the quest.
3. Can I store decorations inside?
  • - Yes, you can touch on it then touch the button store to store it inside.
4. How to complete quest “Recuse a cow”?
  • - You can follow tutorial to complete this quest.
5. How to complete quest “Make a path to The Sky-Shard”?
  • - Try to move or place the cube to make a path. Jack need move from his stand to the Sky-Shard.
  • - Keep in mind, Sky-Shard is the center land of village.


1. How to send a Mail?
  • - Reach to level 14, the Mail feature will be unlocked. You can tap on the Mail button at the right corner to open UI Mail.
  • - Choose a friend
  • - Fill the message
  • - Send Mail
2. How to visit friend?
  • - Reach to level 14, you can visit Ribbon’s Farm follow tutorial
  • - After that, you can touch on the Friend button at the right corner or the balloon to open Friend list.
  • - Tap on the Friend who you will visit.
3. How to chat?
  • - Tap on the little arrow at the center right screen to open UI chat
  • - Tap on the message bar
  • - Type the message
  • - Tap send button to send chat.
4. How to fertilize and friend feed?
  • - Visit your friend
  • - Find friend’s animal and crops on farm
  • - Fertilize crops and feed aimals


1. Troubleshooting steps for Android
  • - Depending on which Mobile Device you are using, many issues (i.e. Loading, crashing, Missing Features, Sync-ing of Game) can be resolved in the following ways:
    Check your Internet connection
    • . Make sure that your device is connected through Wifi, 3G, 4G or LTE.
    • . If you playing through a wifi connection, make sure your router is on. Additionally, try not to play too far away from it, as you may lose the Wifi signal.
    Restart your device
    Make sure you have the latest version of your app installed from the Google Play Store.
    Force close unnecessary background apps.
    Restart your app by force-closing it:
    • . Go to “Setting” > “Applications” > “Manage Applications”
    • . Select the app and tap “Force-Stop”
    • . Return to the Home screen and re-start the game app
    If the issue persists, uninstall/re-install the app
2. How do I force close the Game on Android?
  • - Go to “Settings” > “Applications” > “Manage Applications”
  • - Select the app and tap “Force-Stop”
  • - Return to the Home screen and re-start the game app
3. Facebook connect issues on Android
  • - If you are experiencing any issues with Facebook Connect, please try the following steps:
    Remove the connected Facebook account form your device
    • . Go to your Android Setting
    • . Select “Accounts”
    • . Select Facebook
    • . Tap on your Facebook Account
    • . Select “Remove Account” from the menu and confirm
    • (Note: This will not delete your actual Facebook account)
  • - If you have installed the Facebook App you also have to log-out from there:
    • . Open your Facebook App
    • . In the Setting Menu tap on “Log Out”
    • . Open your Game App
    • . From your game’s settings select Log in with Facebook
    • (Make sure that you allow Facebook to access your basic profile)
  • - If you still have issues with Facebook Connect, please try our Additional Workaround below.
    Additional Workaround
    Should you still have issues please try the following steps:
    • . Open your Game App and disconnect form Facebook. If you are already disconnected, proceed to the next step.
    • . Open your mobile browser, go to and log-out from there. Repeat for all browsers on the device.
    • . Make sure that you are logged our of your Facebook App
    • . Go back to your game and reconnect to Facebook.
4. How do I turn off notifications on Android?
  • - If you are using an Android device, open Settings and the open Apps. After that, look for Pet Farm. You’ll see a small checkbox for “Show Notifications.” If it’s checked, click it to turn off notifications.
5. How do I take a screenshot on Android?
  • Instructions may vary according to device or software version, and may require some practice.
  • - Begin by getting whatever you want to take a screenshot of onto the screen of your Android Device. This could mean browsing to a particular website or simply getting to the right screen in one of your apps.
  • For most devices running Android 4.0 or higher (try this method first):
  • - Press the Power/Lock button and the Volume down button and the same time and hold them for 1-2 seconds.
  • For devices with physical home buttons:
  • - Press the Power/Lock button and Home button at the same time and hold them for 1-2 seconds.
  • For devices without physical home buttons (i.e. HTC):
  • - Hold down the Power/Lock button first and quickly tap the capacitive Home button
  • For Samsung Devices supporting hand motions:
  • - Open Setting > Motions
  • - Scroll down and find “Hand Motions”
  • - Activate “Palm Swipe to Capture”.
  • - Close the menu and swipe the screen with the side of your hand from left to right or vice versa.
  • When the capture was successful, your screen will flash and you’ll get a notification at the top of your screen. You may also hear a camera shutter sound.
  • To view your new screeshot, swipe down from the top and tap on the notification. You can also access your screenshot from you Gallery app.
6. How do I update my game on my Android?
  • - Open the Google Play Store by tapping on the icon from your home screen
  • - Go to menu then select “My Apps”
  • - Find and tap the game application from the list, and tap on the “Update” button


1. How do contact support while playing the game?
  • - Tap on the Setting button on the right corner to open Game setting screen. At here, tap on the Support button at the bottom.
  • - Now, you can fill your issues that you want to support.
2. Why is my farm back to level 1?
  • - If your original farm is connected to Facebook or Google, you can still recover your game by following these steps:
    • . Restart your device to clear the corrupted data that has been saved on your phone.
    • . Launch the game.
    • . Tap the Setting button
    • . Select your preferred Social Network Logins (Facebook, Google). Please note that you need to reach level 4 on your device before being able to access these social networks.
    • . Wait a few seconds until the game has finished syncing your account.
  • - In addition, here are some tips to ensure that your game is always saved:
    • . Do not uninstall the game when performing troubleshooting steps. Re-installation will automatically generate you a new Player ID or a new game on your device. If you have uninstalled or re-installed the game, then you’ll need to access Facebook or Google!
    • . Always check for your game progress to be saved correctly. To do this, just tap the Social network button into Game Setting
    • . Keep in mind that you can only have one Pet Farm farm per Facebook, Google account.
    • . Secure your login credentials to advoid other players from accessing your game.
3. “This farm belongs to another Facebooks account. Please logout it to continue.” What does that mean?
  • Q: When I try to sign in to Facebook or Google+ within the game, I get this error “This farm belongs to another Facebooks account. Please logout it to continue”
  • A: If you get this error, your Farm is already linked to an account that is different from the one you’re trying to log in with. To keep playing, sign in to the Facebook, Google+ account already linked to your Farm.
4. When I loaded my farm yesterday, it looked different. What happened?
  • Q: My family share the same Facebook account for the game. When I loaded my farm yesterday, it looked different then it did before. What happened?
  • A: You can play your Pet Farm farm on both your smart phone and your tablet! Just be aware that you can only have one Pet Farm farm per Facebook or Google accout. So anyone sharing an account with you can make updates and changes to your farm!